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Expedition to the roof of the world

Series : Exploration planète

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  00:13:00  2000  Color  Sound

In September 1988, a group of fifty or so researchers and technicians from France and China met together in Gonghe, a tiny hamlet to the north of the Tibetan highlands, to carry out one of the most extensive seismological studies ever organized in China, the observation of a nearly 1000-km long section of the earth's crust.In difficult conditions, the two teams installed 240 seismic stations at 5 km intervals between Gonghe and Yushu, to record the shock waves produced by the detonation of several tons of explosives planted in holes drilled in the crust.

Associate producer : Gédéon Programmes
Participation : CNCOdyssée
Author : TERNAY Jean-François (CNRS Images media, UPS CNRS, Ivry-sur-Seine)
Director : TERNAY Jean-François (CNRS Images media, UPS CNRS, Ivry-sur-Seine)
Audiovisual processPrises de vues réelles. Utilisation d'animations et de cartes géographiques.
Commentaire voix off et interventions en son direct. Musique originale (Pascal Morel, La voisine).
PersonnalitiesMEI Jiang(Institut de géologie, Pékin); de VOOGD Béatrice(CNRS); LEPINE Jean-Claude(IPG, CNRS, Paris); HIRN Alfred(IPG, CNRS, Paris)


Earth Sciences


Tibet ; China

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Item No.939
PublicLarge audience
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