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  01:07:00  2000  SD 4/3  Color  Sound

In spite of the simplicity of reproduction by cloning, the process of evolution has repeatedly chosen the fragile and random method of sexual reproduction. Why was sex invented and how has it evolved? These are the questions which this documentary seeks to address, as three scientists - John Maynard Smith, Rick Michod, and Pierre-Henri Gouyon - trace the mechanisms of the various methods of reproduction from the dawn of life onward.

Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of library shots.
Interviews (live sound) in French and English sub titled. Original score (Jean-Jacques Birgé).
PersonnalitiesMAYNARD SMITH John(Sussex University, Brighton (Angleterre)); MICHOD Rick(State University of Arizona, Tucson (USA)); GOUYON Pierre-Henri(Univ. Paris XI, Orsay)
Rewards15ème festival du film scientifique d'Oullins, novembre et décembre 2001 : mention spéciale.
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Item No.914
PublicLarge audience
Original Supportvideo Beta SP
Delivery supportBeta SP
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