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Tree of life (The)

Series : Image and Science

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  00:26:00  2003  Color  Sound

Scientists from the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris present the contents of the animal collections and the herbarium, with their wealth of millions of specimens, a true heritage for humankind.
At the same time, experts in bio-data processing develop methods for analyzing DNA. Similarities between certain sequences lead to the discovery of relationships between species and the construction of phylogenetic family trees. Scientists can also create three-dimensional models of an entire chromosome such as yeast.
The existing collections of samples are used for reference. This comparison makes it possible to classify new, as yet unidentified species. They also enable us to tell whether a previously listed species has become extinct.

Associate producer : Flight Movie
Coproducer : CNRS Images Média
Participation : CNCFrance 5
Executive producer : Flight Movie
Audiovisual processPrises de vues réelles.
Intervention en son direct. Musique.
PersonnalitiesFERTIL Bernard(CNRS-INSERM, Unité d'imagerie médicale quantitative); TRANIER Michel(MNHN); GHERBI Rachid(Lab. informatique pour la mécanique et les sciences de l'ingénieur); PONCY Odile(CNRS-MNHN); AUPIC Cécile(MNHN)
Date of broadcasting17/10/2003 (France 5)
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Item No.1098
PublicLarge audience
Original Supportvideo Beta SP
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