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A close watch on Istanbul

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  00:52:00  2001  Color  Sound

Turkey is regularly hit by violent earthquakes like that of August 17, 1999 in Gölcük, which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. Istanbul itself is directly threatened. Rolando Armijo (a researcher from the Institut de physique du globe in Paris) and Aykut Barka (head of the Department of Tectonics at the University of Istanbul) seek to understand and predict earthquakes. The Arabian tectonic plate is moving slowly northwards and pushing Anatolia back towards Eurasia. If the fault-line separating the two zones, which lies very close to Istanbul, should rupture, there will be an earthquake. According to experts, there is a very high probability of this occurring in the next thirty years.
This documentary takes the form of a social and scientific investigation into a gigantic natural disaster waiting to happen.

Audiovisual processPrises de vues réelles. Utilisation d'images de synthèse et d'archives de la télévision turque (séisme de 1999 et dessin animé éducatif).
Commentaire voix off et interventions en son direct (français et turc sous-titré ou doublé). Musique originale (Didier Pascalis).
PersonnalitiesBARKA Aykut(Département de tectonique, univ. Istanbul (Turquie)); ARMIJO Rolando(IPG, Paris)
Date of broadcasting08/01/2002 (Arte)
NotesIPG : Institut de physique du globe.



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Item No.975
PublicLarge audience
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