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Acarina, the builders of galls

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  00:10:00  1984  SD 4/3  Color  Sound

Observation of Eriophyidae (Acarians), which attack plants and can be easily spotted from the galls they build on tree leaves.

Producer : CNRS AV
Participation : APA Strasbourg
Author : WESTPHAL Evelyne (Lab, Cécidologie, ERA CNRS, Strasbourg)
Director : WESTPHAL Evelyne (Lab, Cécidologie, ERA CNRS, Strasbourg)
Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of drawings (including cartoons), scanning electron microscope images and insert titles.
Voice over. Music (Mathé Verry).
Technical Sheet
Item No.77
PublicTeaching ; Large audience
Original SupportSuper 8 Film
VersionFrench ; English
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