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The Neverending Saga of Inventions

Series : Inventions la saga continue

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  2019  HD 16/9  Color  Sound

When scientists and entrepreneurs join into innovation... and innovation meets society's expectations.
The " Neverending Saga of Inventions ” is a mini-series which tells the behind-the-scene stories of big ideas in 4-minute films.
These are inventions which sprang up in CNRS laboratories throughout France, made by men and women who are committed to innovation and excellence to address the concerns and needs of each and every one of us. As the heirs of an 80-year success story, they joined forces with the corporate sector to promote and circulate results.
This series puts the spotlight on five inventions, objects or solutions that support progress and advance society in many areas.

➡ Le VMAF an algorithm for optimal imaging
➡ The LEAP engine, less polluting and less noisy aircraft propelling technology
➡ BEHAVIORS.AI a robot that deciphers our emotions
➡ KEEEX, an authenticity voucher for digital files
➡ Circles, an electrostimulation bicycle for tetraplegics

Producer : CNRS Images
Author : GIRARD Pierre
Director : CARRÉ Fabien
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