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Controlling biofilms [Animal experimentation sequence]

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  00:05:00  2014  HD 16/9  Color  Sound

Biofilms are clusters of bacteria that are highly resistant to antibiotic treatment and antibacterial substances. They are responsible for the contamination of medical equipment (articular and vascular prostheses) and their proliferation can lead to widespread infection in some patients.
Matthieu Revest and Karine Steenkeste of the ISMO laboratory are collaborating on the visualization of biofilm effects on medical equipment. Electron microscopy has revealed that these biofilms are not totally resistant to certain antibiotics.
An experiment in mice infected with Staphylococcus aureus revealed that treatment with specific antibiotics significantly reduced the number of bacteria present in prostheses.
In the future, a clinical study carried out on humans could lead to safer prostheses.

Producer : CNRS Images
Executive producer : Ya+K prod
Reporter : GEFFROY Lauriane
Scientific referent : STEENKESTE KarineREVEST Matthieu
Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of photographs, animations and medical images (electronic microscopy).
Interviews (live sound). Musics.
PersonnalitiesREVEST Matthieu; STEENKESTE Karine(ISMO, UMR CNRS et INP, Univ. Paris-Sud, Orsay )
NotesISMO : Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d'Orsay




Paris ; Loire-Atlantique

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