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Series : Plankton chronicles

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  00:02:00  2010  HD 16/9  Color  Sound

This is a series of high definition short films revealing a whole range of planktonic organisms collected in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean during the first year of the Tara schooner oceanic expedition.
Plankton is the multitude of organisms that drift with the currents. They are the origin of our food, fuels and the air we breathe.

Producer : CNRS Images
Author : SARDET Christian (LOV, UMR CNRS et Paris VI, Villefranche-sur-mer)
Director : SARDET Noé
Audiovisual processMicroscopic images.
Voice-over. Music (Jean-Christophe Desnoux).
NotesLOV : Laboratoire océanographique de Villefranche-sur-Mer.
Technical Sheet
Item No.4091
PublicLarge audience
Original SupportHD Cam
VersionFrench ; English
Delivery supportDV Cam