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Microcebe (The)

Odour and communication

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  00:29:00  2000  Color  Sound

The microcebe is a small primitive primate which appeared about 50 million years ago and lives on the island of Madagascar. Through observation of microcebes in captivity and in their natural habitat, the function of olfactory signals in sexual competition and the dynamics of wild populations can be described and explained.

Author : DEVEZ Alain R (Ecotrop, UMR CNRS et MNHN, Brunoy)
Scientific author : SCHILLING Alain (Ecotrop, UMR CNRS et MNHN, Brunoy) PERRET Martine (Ecotrop, UMR CNRS et MNHN, Brunoy)
Director : DEVEZ Alain R (Ecotrop, UMR CNRS et MNHN, Brunoy)
Audiovisual processPrises de vues réelles. Utilisation d'animations, de macrocinéma et de microcinéma.
Commentaire voix off. Musique originale (Olivier Lafuma).
Date of broadcasting14/03/2005 (France 5)



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