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How Much Do Bees Cost?

Series : A living world: biodiversity histories

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  00:04:00  2010  Color  Sound

Jean-Michel Salles, an economist of the environment at the Montpellier Laboratory for theorical and applied economy (France), is interested in the risks of the pollination decline on the agricultural production. This loss is evaluated in an economical way. The researcher in this film ponders the consequences of this threat on the consumers.

Producer : CNRS Images
Director : BENSADOUN Sophie
Scientific adviser : COURCHAMP Franck (ESE, UMR CNRS et Univ. Paris 11, Orsay)
Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of footages.
Interview (live sound. Original score (Jérôme Rossi).
PersonnalitiesSALLES Jean-Michel(LAMETA, UMR CNRS, Univ. Montpellier 1, INRA et Montpellier SUPAGRO)
NotesESE : Ecologie, systématique et évolution.
LAMETA : Laboratoire montpelliérain d'économie théorique et appliquée
SUPRAGRO : Centre international d'études supérieures en sciences agronomiques
INRA : Institut national de la recherche agronomique




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Item No.2869
PublicLarge audience
Original SupportVideo DV Cam