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Ramses II, the great journey (short version)

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  01:03:00  2010  Color  Sound

Constructed like a real police investigation, and based on the latest archaeological and historical discoveries, this docudrama offers a new vision of Ramses 2, combining the stories of his extraordinarily long reign and of the destiny of his mummified remains.
We will learn how ancient Egyptians viewed death and eternal life. we will discover how Ramses 2's sarcophagus disappeared for over 2 000 years, remaining a mystery to such distinguished 19th century archaeologists as Champollion, Rosellini, Lepsius and Carter, who knew only that his tomb in the valley of the Kings had long stood empty.

Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of many archives documents (black and white photographies, paintings, 2D and 3D computer graphics, computer images, special effects, papers) and insert texts.
Voice over and interviews (live sound). Original score (Joshua Darche).
PersonnalitiesIKRAM Salima(Univ. américaine, Le Caire, Egypte); LEBLANC Christian(LC2RMF, UMR Min. Culture et communication et CNRS, Paris); DESROCHES NOBLECOURT Christiane(Mus. Louvre, Département des antiquités égyptiennes, Paris); GISCARD D'ESTAING Valéry; MACKE André; TASSIGNY Christian de(CEN, Grenoble); MARTINEZ Philippe(LC2RMF, UMR Min. Culture et communication et CNRS, Paris); CAIN Kevin(Insight Digital); HAWASS Zani(Conseil suprême des antiquités égyptiennes)
Date of broadcasting18/12/2011 (France 5)
Rediffusions2011/09/18 (Télé Québec)   2011/09/25 (Télé Québec)   2011/04/10 (TSR)   2011/04/17 (TSR)   2011/12/18 (France 5)   2012/01/17 (France 5)   2012/01/23 (TV5)   2012/01/30 (TV5)   2012/02/02 (TV5)   2012/02/09 (TV5)  
NotesLC2RMF : laboratoire du centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France.



Technical Sheet
Item No.2786
PublicLarge audience
Original SupportDVC Pro HD
VersionFrench ; English
Delivery supportDV Cam