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Extreme Bacteria

Series : Science Point

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  00:13:00  1997  SD 4/3  Color  Sound

In 1969, Thomas Brock showed through his researches that certain microorganisms can live at high temperature, even over 100°C. These are bacteria thermophiles which have colonized the ecological niches next to terrestrial and underwater hot springs.
Daniel Prieur, a CNRS microbiologist, recounts the researches of the mission called Microsmoke (November and December 1995) which explored troughs in the Atlantic Ocean at 3.500 meters deep.
Bacteria Thermophiles are maybe one of the first form of life which has appeared on Earth. Their resistance to very high pressures and temperatures allows the researchers to explore extreme conditions where life is still available.
There is a long version of this film, for a more specialized public, entitled “Life at High Temperature”.

Associate producer : CNRS AV
Coproducer : CSIIFREMER
Author : MAGET Laurent
Director : MAGET Laurent
Scientific adviser : PRIEUR Daniel (Centre d'Etudes d'océanographie et de biologie marine, UPR CNRS, Roscoff et Univ, de Bretagne Occidentale) FORTERRE Patrick (Univ, Paris XI, Orsay) FOUQUET Yves (IFREMER, Brest)
Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of animations.
Voice over and interviews (live sound). Library music (Chris Hayward).
PersonnalitiesPRIEUR Daniel
Rewards30ème festival international du film maritime et d'exploration de Toulon, 1998 : mention d'honneur.
Technical Sheet
Item No.278
PublicTeaching ; Large audience
Original Supportvideo Beta SP
DistributionSale (private use), Sale (institutionnal use)
Delivery supportBeta SP
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