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Plankton Chronicles

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  00:06:00  2010  Color  Sound

This is a series of high definition short films revealing a whole range of planktonic organisms collected in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean during the first year of the Tara schooner expedition. Three kinds of plankton will be shown:
- Pleurobrachia (1 min 35 )
Propelled by eight rows of combs, pleurobrachia deploy two long tentacles to fish for crustaceans. It is the oldest known species to have developed a neurosensory system. By studying it, biologists hope to discover how the first neurons appeared.
- Larvae (1 min 30)
The embryos and larvae of most marine animals drift with plankton. They perpetuate species and are also fodder.
- Pteropods (2 min)
Pteropods are planktonic molluscs that swim in the upper ocean layers. The increasing acidification of seawater may prevent them to form their shells and make them thus disappear.

Producer : CNRS Images
Author : SARDET Christian (LOV, UMR CNRS et Paris VI, Villefranche-sur-mer)
Audiovisual processUsing microscopic images of plankton.
Voice-over. Music (Jean-Christophe Desnoux).


Plankton ; Microscopy

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