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Magnetic Memorys

Series : Researchers heads

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  00:14:00  1996  SD 4/3  Color  Sound

The study of the terrestrial magnetic field and its evolution through geological periods is full of instructions concerning Earth history thanks to the fossil rocks. The palaeomagnetist Vincent Courtillot, the director of the Laboratory for Intern Geomagnetism and Palaeomagnetism, presents his works in this film.

Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of computer graphics and text incrustations.
Interviews (live sound). and voice over. Music.
PersonnalitiesCOURTILLOT Vincent(Géomagnétisme interne et paléomagnétisme, CNRS et IPGP, Paris)
NotesIPGP : Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.
RewardsXVème festival vidéo Estavar Llivia, juillet 1997 : prix concours A.C.I.E.R.S.


Earth Sciences

Technical Sheet
Item No.227
PublicTeaching ; Large audience
Original Supportvideo Beta SP
Delivery supportBeta SP