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Lacquer in Asia

From techniques to Art

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  00:52:00  2010  Color  Sound

For the first time, this film tells the story of the great adventure of lacquer, the eminent technique that has existed in Asia for over 9,000 years.
From lacquer trees to synthetic lacquer, Japanese Wajima bowls to mass-produced furniture in China, and polished lacquer paintings in Vietnam, craftsmen, artists and scientists illustrate the different faces of these objects which have become works of art.

Author : SETO Momoko (Réseau Asie - Imasie, UPS CNRS, Paris)
Director : SETO Momoko (Réseau Asie - Imasie, UPS CNRS, Paris)
Scientific adviser : LE HÔ Anne-Solenn (LC2RMF, UMR Min. Culture et communication, et CNRS, Paris) NGUYEN Durong HoàngNGUYEN Kim DongÔNISHI NagatoshiTRAN Huy Quang
Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of maps and 2D and 3D animations.
Voice over and interviews (live sound - Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese languages). Music (Yann Leguay).
NotesLC2RMF : Laboratoire du Centre de recherche et de restauraion des musées de France.


Vietnam ; Japan ; China

Technical Sheet
PublicLarge audience ; Specialised audience
Original SupportVideo DV Cam
VersionFrench ; English ; Japanese
DistributionSale (private use), Sale (institutionnal use)
Delivery supportDV Cam
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