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Asteroid Alert

Series : Stars in one's wide open eyes

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  00:04:00  2009  SD 16/9  Color  Sound

On the occasion of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA09), the CNRS and the CNES produced a collection of video podcasts.
However low the risk of an asteroid a few kilometres in diameter colliding with the Earth, it is not zero and this would cause the extinction of most living species, including humans. Unless we were able to deflect the path of one of those dangerous bolides! Astrophysicists are working on that possibility in anticipation.

Producer : CNRS Images
Author : De BREM Paul
Scientific adviser : CHAUVIN Philippe (CNRS-INSU, Paris)
Audiovisual processLive shots. Using animations.
Live sounds.
PersonnalitiesMICHEL Patrick(Laboratoire Cassiopée Astrophysique, Sciences Mécaniques et Analyse des Données, UMR CNRS, Obs. de la côte d'Azur et Univ. de Nice)


Space Sciences

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Item No.2162
PublicLarge audience
Original SupportVideo DV Cam
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