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Tracking the Jura Dinosaurs

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  00:33:00  2007  Color  Sound

This 30-minute documentary links together the research on the dinosaur track sites carried out on both sides of the Franco-Swiss border. It means that a map of this cooperation on the theme of the Jura can be drawn up which could well prove to be crucial for the future of palaeontological research in Europe.
Remarkable 3D pictures of the piecing together of these disappeared worlds complement the assessment made in the field by the teams of researchers in Coisia (France) and Courtedoux (Switzerland). The Swiss researchers are particularly interested in the discovery of new, smaller tracks that evoke the passage of a herd of dinosaurs… The film finishes with a symbolic meeting on the very promising new site of Loulle (France).

Audiovisual processReal shots.
Music (Olivier Adelen).
PersonnalitiesAYER Jacques(Office de la culture, Porrentruy); PARATTE Géraldine(Office de la culture, Porrentruy); MARTY Daniel(Office de la culture, Porrentruy); HUG Wolfgang(Office de la culture, Porrentruy); HANTZPERGUE Pierre(PEPS, UMR Univ. Lyon I et CNRS, Villeurbanne); CHALVERAT Joseph(Musée jurassien des sciences naturelles, Porrentruy); LENA Alex(Répliques, Grenoble); BILLON-BRUYAT Jean-Paul(Office de la culture, Porrentruy); FEIHL Olivier(Archeotech, Lausanne); YILMAZ Tayfun(Office de la culture, Porrentruy)
NotesFilm réalisé dans le cadre du programme INTERREG IIIA.
PEPS : Paléoenvironnements et paléobiosphère.
Technical Sheet
Item No.1863
PublicLarge audience ; Specialised audience
Original SupportVideo DV Cam
VersionFrench ; English ; German
DistributionSale (private use), Sale (institutionnal use)
Delivery supportDV Cam
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