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Côa, the river of a thousand engravings

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  00:53:00  2006  Color  Sound

Along Unesco listed banks of the Coa River in Portugal, lies an archaeological treasure: 1000 of prehistoric engravings out in the open air.
The film is based on an exceptional opportunity when the government agreed to lower the water level of the river, to unable researchers to study the precious engravings lying underwater for centuries. When they were discovered in the 90's the scale and number found created a huge sensation: the prehistoric cave art celebrated in Lascaux or Chauvet which has been considered so far as the most common prehistoric art may reveal to be an exception. Oxford's anthropologist Paul Bahn and Denis Vialou from the Paris Museum of natural history explain the revolution this implies in our common understanding of prehistoric times.

Audiovisual processReal shots.
PersonnalitiesVIALOU Denis(Les Hominidés au quaternaire, UMR MNHN et CNRS, Paris); BARBOSA Fernando; BAPTISTA Antonio; ZILHAO Joao; BAHN Paul; SACCHI Dominique; SANTOS André; AUBRY Thierry
Date of broadcasting04/02/2007 (AVRO)
Rediffusions2007/04/25 (France 5)   2007/04/29 (TSR)   2007/05/07 (France 5)   2007/07/12 (France 5)   2007/07/28 (TV5)   2007/08/02 (TV5)   2008/02/01 (Arte)   2008/05/03 (Arte)   2008/05/04 (Arte)   2008/05/10 (Arte)   2008/05/16 (Arte)   2008/05/29 (Arte)   2007/01/01 (AVRO)   2007/11/20 (:2 radio e televisao de Portugal)   2007/10/01 (SVT)   2009/10/24 (France 5)   2010/12/23 (Arte)   2012/07/08 (TFO Ontario)   2013/08/09 (Histoire)   2013/08/10 (Histoire)   2013/08/16 (Histoire)   2013/10/18 (Histoire)   2013/10/24 (Histoire)  
NotesCNART : Centre national d'art rupestre.
Rewards7ème festival international d'archéologie, Bruxelles (Belgique) novembre 2007 : grand prix - Festival international du film d'archéologie, Nyon (Suisse) 2007 : prix du jury - Rencontres internationales du film archéologique de l'espace méditerranéen AGON, Thessalonique (Grèce), 2006 : prix de la réalisation - 10ème festival du film d'archéologie ICRONOS, Bordeaux 2006 : prix du meilleur film pour son apport scientifique.



Technical Sheet
PublicLarge audience ; Specialised audience
Original SupportDigital Beta ; Video DV Cam
VersionFrench ; Thai
DistributionSale (institutionnal use)
Delivery supportDV Cam
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