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Exploring the Living Cell

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  03:00:00  2006  Color  Sound

This unique DVD takes us on a journey through the basic unit of life: the cell.
Using both early drawings and exciting imagery taken with the latest microscopes, renowned biologists and young scientists explain their research and share their discoveries. Learn how cells were discovered, how they function, how they impact health and disease, and what the future holds.

DVD Contents :

Meet the world of biologists, laboratories and cells: 13 films including
Membranes with Kai Simons (Max Plank Institute, MCBG ? Dresden)
Mitosis with Eric Karsenti (CNRS, EMBL ? Heidelberg)
Cell Cycle with Paul M. Nurse (Nobel Prize for Medicine (2001), Rockefeller University ? New York )
Chromosomes and Nucleus with Jan Ellenberg (EMBL ? Heidelberg) and Danièle Hernandez (CNRS, Institut Jacques Monod ? Paris)
Mitochondria with Michael Duchen (University College ? London)
Centrosomes with Michel Bornens (CNRS, Institut Curie ? Paris)
Microtubules and Microfilaments with Eric Karsenti, Philippe Bastiaens (EMBL ? Heidelberg) and Cécile Gauthier (INSERM-CNRS, CRBM ? Montpellier)
Cleavage with Pierre Gönczy (ISREC ? Lausanne)
Proteins with Dino Moras (CNRS, IGBMC ? Illkirch)
Voyage inside the cell: computer animation film by Christian Sardet (CNRS, BioMarCell ? Villefranche-sur-Mer), Laurent Larsonneur and Andreas Koch (Digital Studio)
The story of the discovery of the cell: a film by Didier Deleskiewicz with Paul M. Nurse, Werner W. Franke (DKFZ ? Heidelberg), Claude Debru (ENS ? Paris)
Evolution, diversity, stem cells and ethical questions: 4 films
Diversity of Cells by Véronique Kleiner
Stem Cells with Göran Hermerén, (President, European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies ? Brussels)
Cells and Evolution with Paul M. Nurse
Cell and program with Jean-Jacques Kupiec (ENS ? Paris)
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Producer : CNRS Images
Audiovisual processReal shots and microcinema. use of animations, 3D animations, drawings, paintings and photographies.
Voice over and interviews (live sound).
PersonnalitiesKARSENTI Eric(EMBL, Heidelberg); HERNANDEZ-VERDUN Danièle(IJM, UMR CNRS et Univ. Paris VI et VII); HERMEREN Goran; GONCZY Pierre(ISREC, Lausanne); GAUTHIER-ROUVIERE Cécile(CRBM, FRE CNRS); GALLI Thierry(IJM, UMR CNRS et Univ. Paris VI et VII); FRANKE Werner W.(DKFZ, Heidelberg); ELLENBERG Jan(EMBL, Heidelberg); DUCHEN Michael(University College, Londres); DEBRU Claude(REHSEIS, UMR CNRS et Univ. Paris VII); BORNENS Michel(CDC, UMR CNRS et Institut Curie); BASTIAENS Philippe(EMBL, Heidelberg); KUPIEC Jean-Jacques(INSERM, ENS, Paris); MORAS Dino(IGBMC, UMR CNRS, INSERM et Univ. Strasbourg I); NURSE Paul M.(Rockefeller Univ., New York); SIMONS Kai(MPI CBG, Dresde)
SARDET Christian(Biologie du développement, UMR, CNRS et Univ. Paris VI)
NotesLien site Internet de vidéos légendées de cellules :
EMBL : European molecular biology laboratory.
CDC : Compartimentation et dynamique cellulaire.
REHSEIS : Recherches épistémologiques et historiques sur les sciences exactes et les institutions scientifiques .
DKFZ : Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum.
IJM : Institut Jacques Monod.
CRBM : Centre de recherches de biochimie macromoléculaire.
ISREC : Institut suisse de recherche expérimentale sur le cancer.
IGBMC : Institut de génétique et biologie moléculaire et cellulaire.
MPI CBG : Max Plank Institute of Molecular cell biology and genetics.
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PublicTeaching ; Research ; Large audience
Original SupportVideo DV Cam
VersionFrench ; English ; German
Delivery supportDV Cam
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