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Journey to the center of the rocks

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  00:54:00  2003  Color  Sound

In western Madagascar, in the heart of the great savanna, the Tsingy of Bemaraha seems to rise out of the center of the Earth. This is a solid mass of limestone more than 150 hectares in size, formed of innumerable rocky peaks separated by very narrow canyons, making travel through it very difficult. This area, one of the biologically richest regions on earth, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
A multi-disciplinary scientific expedition penetrates the massif to inventory the flora and fauna, look for traces of human life, and explore the caverns and their rivers.

Author : GABRIEL Nicolas
Director : GABRIEL Nicolas
Scientific adviser : ALBIGNAC Roland (Hydrosciences, UMR Univ, Montpellier II et CNRS, Montpellier) ARTHAUD François (Hydrosciences, UMR Univ, Montpellier II et CNRS, Montpellier)
Audiovisual processPrises de vues réelles. Utilisation d'images de synthèse (formation et érosion du massif calcaire des Tsingy).
Commentaire voix off et interventions en son direct (français et anglais doublé en français). Musique originale (Christian Holl).
PersonnalitiesRAMILISONINA(Institut d'art et d'archéologie de Tananarive, Madagascar); DELAVAUX Jean-Jacques





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