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Seeing through bodies

Series : Image and science

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  00:26:00  2003  Color  Sound

Researchers from CNRS and INSERM present various techniques of medical imaging.
At the Laboratoire Ondes et acoustique, Mathias Fink and his team are developing new techniques of ultrasonic echography. Imaging the elasticity of the human body requires ultra-rapid echography (5000 images per second) with which variations in the hardness of tissue can be visualized. Another technique uses a headset with 300 ultrasonic transmitters which focuses very precisely on specific areas of the brain in order to burn out tumors.
At the Laboratoire pour la mécanique et les sciences de l'ingénieur, Angel Osorio Sainz works on a technique for projecting a 3D image onto the body of a patient during surgery. Neurophysiologist Serge Charpak presents biphotonic microscopy, which enables the visualization of extremely small areas of the brain (a few cells across) via the excitation of a fluorescent body using infra-red radiation.

Associate producer : Flight Movie
Coproducer : CNRS Images Média
Participation : France 5CNC
Executive producer : Flight Movie
Audiovisual processPrises de vues réelles.
Interventions en son direct. Musique.
PersonnalitiesTANTER Mickaël(Lab Ondes et acoustique, CNRS); FINK Mathias(Laboratoire Ondes et acoustique, CNRS); LASSAU Jean-Pierre(Institut d'anatomie, Paris); OSORIO SAINZ Angel(Lab. mécanique et les sciences de l'ingénieur, CNRS, Orsay); CHARPAK Serge(Lab. neurophysiologie et nouvelles microscopies, CNRS - INSERM)
Date of broadcasting14/10/2003 (France 5)
RewardsFestival du film médical et chirurgical des entretiens de Bichat (France), septembre 2004 : grand prix.



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Item No.1101
PublicTeaching ; Large audience
Original SupportVideo DV Cam
VersionFrench ; Thai
DistributionSale (private use), Sale (institutionnal use)
Delivery supportBeta SP