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Story of Galls (The)

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  00:08:00  1985  SD 4/3  Color  Sound

Illustration of the uses humankind has made of galls (which develop on plants as a result of parasite attack), from the earliest civilizations to the early 20th century.

Producer : CNRS AV
Participation : APA Strasbourg
Author : WESTPHAL Evelyne (Lab, Cécidologie, ERA CNRS, Strasbourg)
Director : WESTPHAL Evelyne (Lab, Cécidologie, ERA CNRS, Strasbourg)
Audiovisual processPrises de vues réelles. Utilisation de dessins et de tableaux.
Commentaire voix off. Illustration musicale (Gregorio Paniaga).
RewardsSélection au Festival du film scientifique de Palaiseau, 1985.


Gall ; Therapy ; Arts and crafts

Technical Sheet
Item No.101
PublicTeaching ; Large audience
Original SupportSuper 8 Film
Delivery supportBeta SP
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