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Her name came on arrows

a kindship interview with the baruya of New Guinea

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  00:25:00  1982  SD 4/3  Color and BW  Sound

French Anthropologist Maurice Godelier brings together a few Baruya friends and informants in his home, in Waiveu, Papua New Guinea, to discuss the terminology of family names, rules governing kinship and marriage.
As Maurice Godelier asks questions, the kinship rules that provide the cohesive fabric of Baruya culture are brought to life. Abstract terms are given practical meanings as the anthropologist investigates Baruya customs of stealing wives, exchanging sisters for wives, stealing names and exchanging 'food for blood'.

Audiovisual processBlack-and-white real shots (one colour sequence). Use of insert titles.
Interviews (live sound) and voice over.
PersonnalitiesGODELIER Maurice


Papua New Guinea

Technical Sheet
PublicSpecialised audience
Original Support16 mm Film
VersionFrench ; English
DistributionSale (institutionnal use)
Delivery support16 mm Film ; Beta SP
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