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Words from Asia and the Pacific

Series : Words from Asia and the Pacific

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  15:54:00  2012  SD 4/3  Color  Sound

This is a series of interviews conducted by Jean-François Sabouret, Director of the Network (CNRS), with humanities researchers and experts on Asia and the Pacific.
This series includes 17 interviews conducted from 2008 to 2012:
André Lévy - Augustin Berque - Bruno Dagens - Christian Huetz de Lemps - Claudine Salmon - Georges Condominas - Gérard Fussman - Jacques Gernet - Jacques Pimpaneau - Jacques Pouchepadass - Jean-Marc Regnault - Lê Thành Khôi - Léon Vandermeersch - Maurice Godelier - Nicole Revel - Roberte Hamayon - Jirô Taniguchi, J.P Nishi and Ro Yoshida under the title "Mangakas ".

Director : SABOURET Jean-François (Réseau Asie - Imasie, UPS CNRS, Paris) SETO Momoko (Réseau Asie - Imasie, UPS CNRS, Paris)
Audiovisual processLive shots. Use of captioned photographs in color and black and white and animations.
Live sounds. Musics.
PersonnalitiesGODELIER Maurice(CREDO, UMR CNRS, Univ. Aix Marseille et EHESS Paris); HAMAYON Roberte(GSRL, UMR CNRS, Paris); SALMON Claudine(CASE, UMR CNRS et EHESS, Paris); FUSSMANN Gérard(Collège de France, Paris); REVEL Nicole; VANDERMEERSCH Léon; GERNET Jacques; HUETZ DE LEMPS Christian; LEVY André; POUCHEPADASS Jacques(CEIAS, UMR CNRS, EHESS, Paris); REGNAULT Jean-Marc; BERQUE Augustin(EHESS, Paris); CONDOMINAS Georges; LE Thành Khôi; TANIGUCHI Jirô; YOSHIDA Ro; NISHI J.P; DAGENS Bruno; PIMPANEAU Jacques
Technical Sheet
Item No.4407
PublicLarge audience ; Specialised audience