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All about glue

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  00:15:00  2010  Color  Sound

Glue doesn ’ t only exist in our daily life : it ’ s also an unknown scientific problem. The idea of this film is to make people rediscover something as banal as glue, which is the object of important questionings. A researcher in mechanics, a chemist and a physicist explain its mechanisms.

Associate producer : CNRS Images
Coproducer : Université Bordeaux
Author : FERLITA Céline (CNRS Images, UPS CNRS, Meudon)
Director : FERLITA Céline (CNRS Images, UPS CNRS, Meudon)
Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of animations, photographs, engravings and of a painting.
Voice over and live sound. Music.
PersonnalitiesPAPON Eric(LCPO, UMR CNRS, ENSCP Bordeaux et Univ. Bordeaux 1, Pessac); CRETON Costantino(Physicochimie des Polymères et des Milieux Dispersés, UMR Univ. Paris 6, CNRS et Ec. Sup. physique chimie indus. Paris); SHANAHAN Martin(LMP, UMR CNRS et Univ. Bordeaux 1, Talence)


Chemistry ; Physics


Chemistry ; Physics ; Mechanics

Technical Sheet
Item No.2268
PublicLarge audience
Original SupportXDCam EX
VersionFrench ; English ; International version
DistributionSale (private use), Sale (institutionnal use)
Delivery supportDV Cam