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On Pompeii and diverse sites located in Italia, some archaeological discovers will, in their different ways, allow to improve the knowledge concerning the produced and used perfumes during the Antiquity. Jean-Pierre Brun, an archaeologist from the Jean Bérard Centre, and Xavier Fernandez, a chemist from the LCMBA, gather their competences and work together to reconstitute the fragrances of a millenary perfume, the rose from Italia.

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Title : Perfume Regained
Date of production : 2012
Duration : 00:28:00
Delivery support : DVD
Version : French, English
Distribution : Sale (private use), Sale (institutionnal use)
Author : RONAT Luc
Director : RONAT Luc
Producer : CNRS Images
Intervenor : BRUN Jean-Pierre ; FERNANDEZ Xavier ; AMIGUES Suzanne ; TRAN Nicolas
Discipline : Chemistry, Archaeology - Prehistory - Paleontology
Item number : 2855

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