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Greenland : travelling underneath the ice

Series : Ice Planet

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  00:51:00  2014  HD 16/9  Color  Sound

Greenland, "Green Country" of the Vikings, has a misleading name. This autonomous country of Denmark, fout times larger than France, is actually covered with a thick layer of ice in summer or winter. Ice is wrongly considered as an inert mass, but Greenland ice is heading toward the sea under its own weight. Nowadays this movement tends to accelerate sharply, which will have an impact upon the sea levels.

Associate producer : Mona Lisa Production
Coproducer : CNRS ImagesUniverscienceIRDProductions Novamedia Quebec
Participation : Arte FranceTV5 Québec CanadaUshuaïa TVServus TVGlobosat
Author : AMOUROUX Vincent
Director : AMOUROUX Vincent
Collection manager : BERROD Thierry
Audiovisual processReal shots. Use of aerial shootings and drones, 3D animations and archive images.
Voice over and interviews (live sound). Original musice (Daniel Toussaint).
PersonnalitiesMOREAU Luc(Environnement, Dynamiques et Territoires de la Montagne, EDYTEM, UMR CNRS et Univ. de Savoie)
FAVIER Vincent(LGGE, UMR CNRS-Univ. Joseph Fourier Grenoble I, Grenoble); JOMELLI Vincent(LGP, UMR CNRS et Univ. Paris I et Paris XII, Meudon); MASSON-DELMOTTE Valérie(LSCE, UMR CEA ,CNRS et Univ. Versailles-St Quentin, Gif sur Yvette); RIGNOT Eric(Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Etats-Unis); RINTERKNECHT Vincent(Univ. de Saint Andrews, Ecosse)
Date of broadcasting09/10/2014 (Arte)
Rediffusions2014/10/09 (Arte)   2014/10/16 (Arte)   2014/10/23 (Arte)  
NotesLGP : Laboratoire de Géographie Physique
LSCE : Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat


Ecology ; Earth Sciences ; Geography



Technical Sheet
PublicLarge audience
Original SupportHD Cam ; HD